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Thursday, November 4, 2010

last week's halloween nails+mini nail polish haul

Here's my nails last halloween:

Today, I went to the mall to purchase some polishes. I recently loving grayish shades and I decided to buy some since my collection only revolves around pinks, blues, and purples. Since I'm saving up for something, I went and got myself local polishes. I am not really into local polishes because I think they turn my nails into yellow. But I read in one forum that some local polishes changed their formula and they're already big 3 free! I did not hesitate and bought some. I think I am loving them! I love their brush and their consistency. Here are some of the photos:

That's it for now. I might be posting some swatches if my internet connection will not fail me! Bye!:)


  1. love ur halloween mani... this is my fave polish from sansan.. and it was also great for stamping Ü

  2. loving sansan!:) im planning to get more!:)

  3. hi Aly i like your work. Keep it up..
    btw followed you. I hope you can drop by mine:)