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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elianto glitter polish haul!


  1. love this elianto collection.. and yes I had tried this polish and racing green is my fave from all the color.. and right now im having Burnt Umber on my nails and I love this bronze brown polish with micro gold shimmer... ur so lucky for u got ur racing green on sale.. coz i got mine in original price and I was a bit disappointed for racing green in not on sale.. I was planning to get a back up bottle of this..but then its not on sale.. XD

  2. Love racing green too! it's actually on my nails right now!:) Why not try going to the mall maybe it's still on sale. I got mine just today!:) Loving indigo shine too.:)

  3. I love the Elianto polish. .
    Nice Collection!!
    I follow!!

  4. i've only tried the clear polish from elianto and i was very satisfied with it